We’re so glad that you’re here. 

Pause is a space we created to come together with our peers and explore topics close to our work but outside the usual day-to-day.

Pause events cultivate a rich and fruitful state of mind that we call middle-distance thinking. It’s a way of approaching planning and problem solving that combines the introspective, open quiet of an individual retreat with the peer community of a presentation-driven conference. 

We have been organizing events since 2009. Along the way, we’ve had successes, faced problems, gained enthusiasm, lost enthusiasm, launched products, deprecated products, grown companies, and scaled back companies. 

Throughout it all, perhaps just one thing has remained constant – we’re fiercely committed to living and working with intention.

We hope that sharing the ideas we’re wrestling with here clarifies them for us, invites conversation with you, and that perhaps, together, we can continue to make incremental improvements and create workplaces that make us proud.

About Us

Pause is a joint venture and passion project of Proof+Geist and DayBack. Both companies share a deep interest and investment in the humans our work impacts, and the forces of time and space that shape our lives. DayBack is a scheduling platform for field service, healthcare, sales, and creative teams that works with Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and other calendar sources. Proof+Geist helps people soar by crafting software and technology solutions that harmonize business systems and processes. 

photo of the organizers of Pause
John, Krissy, Martha, and Ernest

For the past 15 years, we’ve explored different ways of bringing people together, striving to create the conditions for a very special kind of thinking and collaboration to emerge. While many others have played important parts in the creation and development of Pause, our core team consists of Co-Founders Ernest Koe (Proof+Geist) and John Sindelar (DayBack), and Co-CEOs Krissy Ferris (Proof+Geist) and Martha Zink (Proof+Geist). 

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Taking time to pay attention to teams, leadership, and work.


Chief of Staff at Proof+Geist and Co-CEO of Pause
CEO at DayBack, co-founder of Pause. Surfer, trail runner.
CEO at Proof+Geist